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It is well known from "The Description of Széklerland” written by Orbán Balázs that during the principality of Zsigmond János the half of the inhabitants converted to the Unitarian faith and at that time the Unitarians had a "decorative college" opposite the Teleki Library at the corner of Fazekas Street (today Borsos Tamás). Regrettably these buildings were devastated by Mihály voivode and by the mercenary army of Habsburg general Basta and thus there is no written evidence left.

Simultaneously, as a consequence of the forcefulpropagation of faith, the Unitarian denomination almost ceased to exist in our town. A slow change followed only one and a half century later, in themiddle of the19 th century. Since the Unitarians gradually increased in number,the greatest mentions some160 souls. It is also him whoput down the following: On the ground-plot in Fazekas Street, its two corners looking onto the street is rising thatlovely chapel built within a few months by the devoted in 1869. This small building still stands but for nearly 70 years hasn't been used as a chapella ho of prayer.

With the moving's in the member of Unitarian increased so rapidly that the building a serious church could not be delayed anymore. A church with a beautiful fronting in neo-gothic style was built within 11 months with the utmost dispatch in 1929/1930. 

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